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Our Story

Berry Farm Solutions offers technical and administrative support to our clients and communities. We strive to advance the work of our nonprofit and social justice partners while making every effort to inform and engage citizens of the global community to seek equitable, powerful, and positive change.


Berry Farm Solutions has a team of uniquely talented individuals with over thirty years of combined experience in: Application Development, Audio/Visual Production, Business Analysis, Business Development, Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Database Administration, Funds Management, Grants Management, Grant Writing, Nonprofit Management, Product Management, Project Management, UI/UX, Website Design, and Web Development.  Berry Farm Solutions has contacts and resources throughout the US and abroad.


“Versatile technical skill set and strong project management skills. Forward thinking, overcomes obstacles and an attention to detail.”


“Organized and understands the importance of follow through on projects. Seeks out efficiencies to ensure that dollars are spent responsibly.”


“Ability to handle a very large scope of responsibilities while producing high quality work. Combined depth of knowledge, education and skill set with a high level of investment and motivation.”

Beth Farmer

President/Chief Executive Officer

Nate Berry

Chief Technical Officer

Sarah Berry

Director of Nonprofit Operations
Digital Archivist

Mary Williams

Director of Grant Development